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Who Are We?

magnifying glass on paperThe Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research (MCUR) promotes and facilitates on- and off-campus research experiences for undergraduates. The University of Maryland, College Park has placed faculty-student mentor relationships and undergraduate research among its top priorities. In keeping with the importance placed on undergraduate research, the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Studies founded MCUR as a resource for both students and faculty members.

Students can use MCUR to find research opportunities that best match their skills. MCUR can help students find mentors, enabling them to develop meaningful professional relationships in their field of interest. MCUR also partners with other offices on campus to help students engage in research, offering services such as workshops on writing and preparing for graduate school.

Faculty members can use MCUR to find top undergraduate students to assist them with their research projects. MCUR also supports faculty by providing a venue for them to share the ways in which they incorporate research into the curriculum.

What Do We Do?

MCUR sponsors four programs to foster undergraduate research: 

Learn more about UMD's Division of Research

Read about programs and partnerships with federal agencies, laboratories, foundations and the private sector and more.

Want to learn more? Contact to schedule an appointment, or fill out this survey to gain access to our listserv and ELMS resource page. 

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