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Publish Research

The Catalyst Research Journal is a new journal focusing on bioengineering, biomedical engineering, and related fields. The Catalyst was created by a group of undergraduate students who came together with an idea to increase student interest and involvement in research on campus. Students may submit articles online.

Janus: the University of Maryland Undergraduate History Journal is the history journal created in the fall of 2000 by a group of undergraduate history students at the University of Maryland and features writing relevant to the study of history. The journal seeks to grant students a voice in the academic world by providing a chance to publish their work and participate formally in scholarly debate.

The Paper Shell Review is the University of Maryland's undergraduate journal of essays on literary topics and book reviews. Founded in 2010, The Paper Shell Review is the University of Maryland's annual journal of critical essays on literary topics. The journal is published by and for undergraduate students at the university.

Stylus is a journal of literature and art consists of art, prose, poetry and multilingual pieces submitted by University of Maryland undergraduate and graduate students. Their reading period is from September to February, and our final deadline is January 31st. Students are encouraged to submit early in the year in order to receive detailed feedback on their work. The journal accepts up to five pieces per genre, though some students may be invited to submit more. The work is put through a rigorous, anonymous review process.

The following journals accept submissions from any undergraduate student, regardless of their institutional affiliation. Most are devoted to undergraduate scholarship, accepting only work produced by undergraduates.

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