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Undergraduate Research Day

student stands in front of presentation boardUndergraduate Research Day 2024 will be held on April 17, 2024 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom. This event is proudly sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Maryland Libraries.

University of Maryland undergraduates participate in various research opportunities and Undergraduate Research Day provides the perfect opportunity for them to share their work with the campus community. Held each April, Undergraduate Research Day showcases current research, scholarship, and artistic endeavors. Presentations, posters, and performances are open to the public. Any work conducted as a part of a campus course, internship, or program is eligible for presentation.

Registration will open in Spring semester 2024.

We ask that students, faculty, and administrators contact us at with any questions.

Presenter FAQs

No, only one team member should submit a proposal for a team research poster. They should list the names of all other team members on the form. There is space on the submission form to list up to 14 additional team members. Teams with more than 15 members should email team member names to

The submission form has character limits for the title and abstract so that this information can be formatted to fit the research poster directory. Please abbreviate your title and abstract to fit the character limits on the submission form: 80 characters for the title and 1700 characters for the abstract. 

Yes, please list the professor or researcher who oversaw your project, regardless of institutional affiliation.

Before you submit your proposal form, you may use the button at the bottom of the page to save your progress. Saving your proposal form generates a unique link that you can use to return to your proposal form and continue editing at a later time. You will also share this link with your faculty sponsor so he or she can sign off on your project.

After your proposal form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from This email contains links to view or edit your proposal.

If you would like to edit your proposal after the submission deadline has passed, please email us at to ensure the information is updated in our records.

When your faculty sponsor submits Part 2 of the form, you (or your team leader) will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions about the event. Please check your spam folder for communications from and/or

Typically, all sincere projects submitted by the final deadline are accepted. In the rare event that your poster is not accepted or if there is a problem with your registration form, you will receive an email from within a week of the final deadline.

Once your faculty sponsor has signed and submitted their portion of the form, you or your team contact person will receive an automatic email confirming your registration and providing details about the event. 

If you have not received an email and believe your faculty sponsor has submitted the form, please try the following:

1. Search your Spam folder for emails from and 

2. If a team member submitted the form on your behalf, request that this person forward all emails to you. 

3. Request that your faculty sponsor confirms submission. Note: some faculty will sign the form but "save" rather than "submit." 

4. After trying all of the above, email to ask for assistance.

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